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So I get back home from work. I enter the house, go to my room, drop my bag on the bed and go to the bathroom to take a leak. I notice the left part of the bathroom seems a bit bare, but immediately shrug it off, thinking that the maid probably did something different, although, on further introspection I find it hard to think what, since as far as I remember that wall was always empty. I go to the kitchen, fix a snack and go back to the room.

I go through my usual routine of checking mail, facebook, webcomics and blogs. Everything still seems normal. I Finish my snack, exit the room to place the dirty dish in the dishwasher and re-enter my room. Nothing suspicious at all. I am completely at ease.
At some point I reach my LJ's friends page, and see that someone posted a somewhat pornographic link. What with my younger brothers being home, I think that I ought to close the door.
I get up from my worktable, and take the few steps required to reach the room's door.

Where's the door?
Wait. The door.. is it on the inside of the room our outside of it? Can't remember. Hm.
I step through the door frame, looking for the elusive piece of house. It's not outside, either.
Hmmmmmm. Hey, funny, that. The upper door hinge isn't screwed to the door like it should be. Huh, neither is the bottom one.

Wait. Where's my door?

Where's the bathroom door, for that matter?

Turns out all the house's doors were removed for re-painting by a carpenter. It took me about an hour to notice.
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