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I work 9 hours a day at a very comfortable job. I get to play with cellular-communications related gadgetry, work with people abroad, have a decent salary considering the fact that i'm freshly discharged, and the office is a ten minute walk from my house.
My boss is very a very comfortable person to work with, the company's CEO is fairly impressed with me and things are, generally, fine.

I am amazingly frustrated.

This job feels completely unimportant to me.
I don't know how people who've always worked in the free market feel about this, but in the army what I did mattered. It was important to get my job done, to complete all my tasks, and to do it as well as I possibly could. Even the most mundane task was infused with meaning, because it was important to keep on doing what we were doing.

Here, I feel like I'm in the centre of an anthill, with a huge amount of worker ants all around me, all toiling away at nothing.

The idea of working so we can make money so we can entertain ourselves during the time we're not working just seems.. Empty.

I see these people who've worked in the company for years and I just can't understand how they find this sufferable. Where are we going? What are we building towards? Why is it important to do what we do?

Now, I'm sure not everybody defines themselves by their day jobs. I'm sure some of the people I work with do things out of the office that make a difference. But even so,
let's say they work 9 hours out of 24?
Drive to and from work for about an hour or so?
(That's ten hours gone already)
Need to sleep, eat and satisfy other bodily requirements for about 9 more hours a day?
(That's 19 hours gone)
that leaves them, what, 5 hours a day of doing something that matters, if they forgo hobbies, rest and relaxation?

I try to remind myself that I'm working right now so I'll be able to study and do something that's important later,
but I just can't understand how people while away their lives like this, and I'm frustrated that I'm contributing to this way of life.
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