Jul. 14th, 2011

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To all my friends living outside of Israel:
If you've read any of the things I've written aimed at an international readership (I.E - what I write in English), you know me as an Israeli patriot.
I take great pride in the fact that I've served as an officer in the IDF, I am upfront, unapolegetic and in-your-face about Israel's defensive operations, and I enjoy introducing people to Israeli culture, be it food, music, film or nightlife - an introduction which I think is instrumental in changing the war-torn perception of Israel abroad.
Whenever I read some interent user's uninformed attack on israeli actions I try to take the time and educate, explain and represent the Israeli side. I know of several people I've met online over the years who've positively changed their views on Israel thanks to my actions.

I can say, with certainty, that you've never read a single negative thing about Israel I've written, simply because, when writing in english, where the possibility of a non-israeli reading my words is existant, I just don't write against Israel. This is because of a strong feeling of responsibility, solidarity and representation I have regarding my country.

This statement may come as a surprise to many of my Israeli friends who are more exposed to my Hebrew web presence.
My Israeli web persona is very different.
I am very leftist, to the point where I may be considered an extremist, and the thought of my political views reaching my superiors in the army reserves may even be cause for concern from time to time. I openly oppose many of the Holy Cows in the Israeli socio-political conception, the most extreme of which is Israel as a Jewish state.
I frequently criticise government and parliment (Knesset) decisions and express anger and frustration at Israel's agenda in the West Bank as well as in social matters.

Up until now, these two personas, English-writing Patriotic Adam and Hebrew-writing extreme leftist Adam, were reconcilable;
Yes, I may criticise the inner workings of my country, but as a whole, I love Israel and am proud of it.

I hope the introduction you've just read helps explain just how difficult it is for me to write the following.
Yesterday a bill passed in the Knesset that broke the camel's back. I can no longer easily represent Israel in a positive light to the outside world.

The current assembly in the Knesset is by far the most right-wing assembly in the history of my country, and during its time it has managed to propose and sometimes pass a string of violent, hateful, racist and anti-democratic motions, the last of which was passed yesterday:
It is now illegal to boycott products originating in the israeli settlements behind 1967 borders.
You can read more about the law here:

Until yesterday, despite my reservations and disagreements with many of the right-wing laws passed in the the past few years, I could still proudly say that Israel, despite everything, was a democracy.
We may not be perfect, but we are surrounded by enemies and yet we manage to allow a rich and robust political spectrum, many different cultures, backgrounds, colours, languages and, most importantly, freedom of speech.
No more.

So I feel it is time to bring out the dirty laundry to hang high.
Israel is quickly spiraling down a scary, fascist path.
Most of the israeli public is nationalist and not democratic and thanks to the U.S's sheilding feels we, as a society, can get away with things we really couldn't get away with if it was just us against europe and the rest of the free world.
So I am not calling you to boycott Settlement products, but only because I can't.
Don't look for lists online.
Don't go out of your way.



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