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The wall is moist, soft and warm. I move my hand over it, trying to understand its texture, to make out what material it is made out of, when it begins to move.
The entire chamber is lurching in different directions, and the walls surrounding me suddenly jerk forward, then back.
Obviously, it isn't safe for me here. I decide to push forward. The further in I move, the tighter my surroundings become.
Finally, I pass through some sort of arch and find myself in a large, hall-like room.
Though I didn't think it possible, it's is even darker than the previous hall. I get a sense of the size of this place only by the echoes and freer airflow.
Reaching out with my right hand so I don't lose touch of the room's wall, I begin to circle it.
There is a faint metallic smell in the air, somewhat familiar, and despite the weird surroundings and impenetrable darkness, I feel safe and protected.

Where the hell am I?

shalom & stuff :)

Date: 2013-03-23 04:19 pm (UTC)
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On the off-chance that you might get the notification in your email:


Jeez, how old are you now? I remember when you were just this smartassy, fun 16-yr-old kid with "hobbit hair"
who used to chat w/ me all afternoon of a Sunday, by turns educating me in a way no non-Israeli could, about what it's really like over there..
then you'd turn around and link me to an animation of some Russian marching guy talking about carrots & kuala lumpur--or midget porn (which I'd turn around and give you a VERY hard time about..*snerk*..)
Those were the days!

I enjoyed watching you grow into a young man--glad that you seem to have a full life now, too wholesomely busy to chat all day with an old woman across the ocean, but I do kind of miss that.

Blah blah blah
what I meant to say was
HAPPY NEW YEAR (your own personal one)

Be well, Adam


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