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Birthdate:Mar 23
After spending 5 years in the sumalian red light district, Adam grew sick and tired of selling his deformed body to people who grew tired of their harems and were looking for something different.
Having both a cock and a vagina isn't all that strange, when you come to think of it. Heck, there are entire villages of hermaphrodites. But having something completely different from both male and female genetilia is.

After a while, Adam grew tired of bored businessmen and depressed housewives. He wanted something new, something refreshing.
This was when he decided to leave Somalia for good and join the nude division of the French foreign league. There he met other deformed freaks such as himself. The Cucumber Man, Flipping Suzy and the who would soon become his best friend; General Biffy.
Their job was to run, clothe less, in to enemy ranks, and cause much discord and head scratching. While the enemy troops were being preoccupied with Adam and Flipping Suzy's interpretive dance of "Le Danse Macabre", the rest of the Foreign League would move in and slaughter everyone who was dressed in anything other than a birthday suit.
Adam continued doing this for 17 years. He grew better, stronger, tougher and more intimidating with each year there, and yet more tender and loving towards General Biffy. Flipping Suzy, Adam's companion and partner on the field, had died from hookworm disease in Africa a few years before. Then one day, Biffy was sent to the glue factories, never to return.
Adam left the League that day, wiping his tears on a torn League uniform sleeve.

But on his way Paris on his private jet, he met someone who would change his life forever.
This blog, however, belongs to another Adam, who has nothing to do with a deformed freak living in Paris with a decomposing clown he stole from the Chinese Circus.

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